QuarkXPRESS Desktop PRO 2016 WINDOWS x64 Bit Lifetime license Key

QuarkXPRESS Desktop PRO 2016 WINDOWS x64 Bit Lifetime license Key


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QuarkXPress 2016 Overview


Create gorgeous Illustrations, design color blends with Multi-color Gradients, control color channels, apply non-destructive image editing and allows you to Bring your Creativity ALIVE!

QuarkXPress is an all-in-one design tool that allows you to experiment creativity without any limits. Come up with a masterpiece and stun the world by creating stylish posters and banners of all kinds, for any occasion, topic and interest utilizing graphics, designs, texture, and typography capabilities in its finest blend. All that you need is the right set of tools to transform imagination into reality.

QuarkXPress 2016 – Building on the foundation of performance and reliability delivered by its predecessor, QuarkXPress 2016 is the must-have upgrade for every QuarkXPress user. From the simplicity of the new colour picker tool to the innovation of exporting HTML5 Publications, QuarkXPress 2016 takes design and productivity to the next level.

QuarkXPress 2016: The Better Alternative for Creative Professionals
• QuarkXPress 2016 builds on the success of its predecessor, which 66% of users* rated as the best version of QuarkXPress ever. With its 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2016 delivers outstanding performance across the board, from file handling and layout rendering to PDF export. Add in a raft of innovative new capabilities and long requested features and you have a winning combination for creatives who only want the best.

Features of QuarkXPress 2016

Easy to Use:
• Easy Installation and Activation
• 64-Bit Support
• Xenon Graphics Engine
• HiDPI/Retina Support
• Streamlined, Modern, Intuitive Interface
• Intelligent Palettes
• Full Screen View ( Mac Only)
• Adaptive Resolution Technology
• Task-based Tools
• Page Navigator
• Libraries
• Multiple Views
• Learn Once for Multiple Channels
• Drag and Drop
• Auto-open Documents

Precision Typography:
• Hanging Characters
• Bullets and Numbering
• Page Grids and Grid Styles
• Linkster
• Story Editor
• East Asian Typography
• Glyphs Palette
• Convert Text to Picture and Text Boxes
• Text on a Path
• Professional Text Formatting
• Create Custom Kerning Pairs and Tracking Curves
• Special Characters
• Placeholder Text
• Create Custom Underline Styles
• Unicode and OpenType Support
• Customizable H&J (Hyphenation & Justification)

Powerful Design Tools:
• ShapeMaker
• Cloner
• Transparency and Drop Shadows
• Illustration (Bézier/Pen) Tools
• Clipping and Masking of Images
• Table Creation
• QR Code Creator
• Advanced Image Control
• Layers
• Colour Blends
• Easily Create and Apply Shapes to Any Content
• Dynamic Guides and Grids
• Space/Align and Distribution
• Super Step and Repeat
• Automatic Text Runaround
• Intelligent Scaling
• Orthogonal Line Tool
• Larger Page Size
• Custom Page Sizes
• Relink Images in Usage Dialog
• Collect for Output Across Entire Project
• Format Painter
• Footnotes / Endnotes
• New, Faster Tables Including Table Styles

Integration with Other Applications:
• Import and Manipulate Photoshop (PSD) Documents
• Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX)
• Import Microsoft Word Text, Style Sheets, Pictures, and Hyperllnks
• Import Native Adobe Illustrator (AI) Files
• Import, Export, and Edit Text (DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, XTAGS)
• Import PDF, PDF/X, PDF/X-4 Files
• Import Wide Range of Image Formats (EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, PostScript, TIFF)
• Enrich Digital Publishing Projects with Sound and Video

Layout Automation:
• Synchronise Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
• Conditional Styles
• Callouts
• Composition Zones
• ImageGrid
• Job Jackets
• Lists
• Style Sheets
• Item Find/Change
• Item Styles
• AppleScript
• Master Pages
• Indexes
• Automatic Page Numbering
• Integration with QuarkCopyDesk
• Content Variables
• Automatic Footnotes and Endnotes

• Font Fallback
• Font Mapping
• Highlight Missing Fonts
• Hyphenation Exceptions
• Text Find/Change
• Custom Text Runaround
• Spellchecking and Hyphenation In 38+ Languages

Reliable Print Output:
• Job Jackets
• Soft Proofing
• Spot Inks (Including PANTONE Matching System)
• Bleed and Registration Marks
• Configurable PDF Job Options
• Live Print Previews
• PDF Pass-Through Transparency
• Reusable Output Styles
• ICC Colour Management / Support for ICCv4 Profiles
• Overprint Control
• Verified PDF/X-4 Output

Digital Publishing:
• Design for App Studio
• Export Fixed Layout and Reflow ePub for iPad, Kindle and Android Devices
• Layout Spaces
• Synchronise Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
• Learn Once for Multiple Channels
• Automatic Image Format Conversion
• Convert Print to Digital Publishing Formats
• Text-to-image Conversion

System Requirements and Technical Details

Supported OS: Windows 8.1 and 10 (64-bit only, with latest updates)
Processor: Pentium IV or above
RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space: 2 GB or more
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later


Q: License is work for all version of QuarkXPress?

A: only QuarkXPress 2016

Q: The License can use for multi-computer?

A:  1 License =1 PCs /

Q: The license is Legal?
A: Yes, we sell the original license and has never been used on another computer

Q: The license has an expiration date?

A: No, The license is LIFETIME ACTIVE without an expiration date and can be used anytime for your computer



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